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Creation of a community art space at Styles House SE1 8DF


Exploring Art Work that Can Be Linked to Dying, Death and Loss

19 February 2016 – ND Salon

 Presentation by Ursula Deniflee and Renée Pfister

Natural Death Salon invites for an exploration of various topics surrounding the human fascination with mortality. We examine and discuss contemporary art practice that we feel is intricately linked to the themes of death, dying and loss. Difficult to articulate, we rely on creative expressions by artists which can touch us in a profound way.

‘I GO TO MY TEMPLE…’ The Principles Of The Biodynamic Work

A video recorded by Ursula Deniflee and Daniel Gvirtzman in 1986

30 October 2015 - Highgate Library Civic & Cultural Centre

We will have the opportunity to watch a video of Gerda Boyesen talking in concise and engaging ways about her work. The screening will be paused for a panel discussion facilitated by Ursula Deniflee.
Panel members: Carlien van Heel, Michelle Quoilin, Clover Southwell and Hartmut Wuebbeler.

This event encourages reflections on a historical teaching document of the founder of Biodynamic Psychotherapy. How does Gerda’s message impact on us now – personally and professionally?

"Listening to our Bodies - Working Responsively with Elders."

10th October 2015 - The Royal Society of Medicine

A presentation of clinical and research data for the ABMT membership, followed by a dialogue with Luc Tanner.


A panel discussion facilitated by Ursula Deniflee

23 July 2015 – Club for Act and Actors

John Cowpertwait  captures footwear that has been left behind and is not useful anymore, we find ourselves with a record of loss and abandonment. This evocative collection of photographs can make us think that it is not the beauty of the art object but the experiences of the artist that make works of art meaningful. Perhaps a hunger for life includes coming to terms with loss and endings. John Cowpertwaite’s photographic series ‘Down at Heel’ is the point for a panel discussion exploring the diverse impact of images on individuals.

Panellists: Jenny Hobson, Tim Waterman  and Frank Watson

'When We Get Older ... Learning from Our  Body' 

Biodynamic Body-Psychotherapy Conference - 16 November 2014

Aging can be seen as a developmental process and a meaningful part of life. In psychotherapy session, when I tune into body-aware presence with a person over 55 I found that the body starts to tell a story. This will be my starting point; from there I hope to draw a wider picture exploring the diverse meanings of getting older.

EROS - October 1996

Curator and organiser of a group show of paintings exploring the boundary between abstraction and representation. Work by Jeff Carpenter, Mike Evans, Gerry Hunt, Susan Liggett.

Extensive recorded interviews with Holocaust survivors - 1992

I visited and interviewed child survivors of concentration camps in London for the American "International Study of Organized Persecution of Children", led by Dr. Kestenberg


Vienna, 1980, 50 Minuten

A documentary by the group ‘Videoschluchten’: Ruth Leder, Karin Jahn, Ursula Deniflee.


  • Book review: Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication in Psychotherapy, Westland, G.; Journal of ABMT Vol. 18/issue1, autumn 2016 
  • Surrender to Life: Biodynamic Practise and the Ageing Process     Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy; collective papers (2015)
  • Towards Reality and Believable Spaces
     Introduction to the exhibition of paintings by G Hunt 'Stills from Dreams'  (2003)
  • "Sarah Woodfine: New Drawings                                                            ’MAKE: The Magazine of Women's Art Sept.-Nov. (2000)
  •  'The Case of the Missing Voice'                                                              Make: The Magazine of Women's Art (1999)